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Rent a car in North Macedonia

Welcome to North Macedonia surrounded by the beauty of three natural lakes: Ohrid, Prespa, and Doiran which make a great country to visit. But before you decide to visit the country you better know some important information about the regulations, best tips, car types and so on. You just need to scroll down and read more. 

Requirement and pro tips for car hire in North Macedonia

The minimum age of driving a car in North Macedonia is 21 years old with 2 years of driving experience. We need your valid passport and driving license. If you are an EU citizen, you don?t need an international driving license; otherwise, you need to provide one.

Types of cars for renting in North Macedonia

Our addCar Rental list offers 16 different vehicles of both, manual and automatic cars for your comfort. We possess a wide range of vehicles such as compact, family, Van, SUV, and also luxury ones. For more details, visit our available cars in North Macedonia.

Where to find cheap car rental in North Macedonia

AddCar Rental has 3 locations in North Macedonia. Rent a car at the Skopje international airport, Ohrid airport, and Bitola city office. Contact us to find out more about the price and conditions of car hire in your location.

Best tips for renting a car in North Macedonia

Always check before the country?s traffic regulations for a better trip. We also advise you to contact our offices directly in the countries concerned or read the cleaning conditions on our website.


FAQs about renting a car in North Macedonia

Is it expensive to rent a car in North Macedonia?

On average your budget should start from 26? per day for a compact. Keep in mind that we only accept credit cards: VISA and Master Card.

Find car rentals near me in North Macedonia

You will find us in 3 locations in North Macedonia. You may rent a car at Skopje International Airport, Telephone: +38975268030; Ohrid Airport, Address: PHAF 164 Telephone: +38975268030; Bitola City office, Address: Str. Gjorche Petrov No.33 Telephone: +38976453490.

What is the price to rent a car for a week in North Macedonia?

If you are renting a car in North Macedonia for a week, the rental cost starts at 153?.

Is it expensive to rent a long-term car for a month in North Macedonia?

You will need a budget of approximately 576? for a compact model and 800? for a medium-large model. Even though it depends on the car model, season, mileage, etc.

What are the speed limits in North Macedonia?

The speed limit in residential and urban areas is 50km/h. Main roads are limited to 70km/h or 80km/h. The maximum speed is 90km/h or 110km/h if you are on a motorway.

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