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Rent a car in Slovakia


How to rent a car in Slovakia?

A holiday in Slovakia is always a good idea! Enjoy the beauty and unique atmosphere that Slovakia offers. Explore its beautiful natural scenery, rich history, tradition, and culture. Read more to know about the rules and pro tips for car rental in Slovakia.

Requirement and pro tips for car hire in Slovakia

For renting a car in Slovakia, you must be 21 years old with two years of driving experience. Your current driving license is not enough. You need to provide an international driving license along with your ID.

Types of cars for renting in Slovakia

We provide 8 different vehicles for you, including compact, family, Van, SUV, and luxury ones. For more details, click here to learn more about our available cars in Slovakia. 

Where to find cheap car rental in Slovakia

You will find us at Bratislava Airport, Ivanska cesta, 820 01, Telephone: +421948993999. Contact us to find out more about the price and conditions of car hire in your location. 

Best tips for renting a car in Slovakia

Renting and driving a car is usually easy and effortless, but as in all countries, you must follow many traffic regulations in Slovakia. Drivers in Slovakia travel on the right, and you should pass streetcars on the right. Parking is always on the right-hand side except on one-way streets where you can park on the left side. For your safety, always check before the country?s traffic regulations for a better trip and read the cleaning conditions on our website. 


FAQs about renting a car in Slovakia


What is the cost of renting a car in Slovakia?

The daily average price in Slovakia starts at $24/day for an economy car and can reach $34/day for an SUV.

Find car rentals near me in Slovakia

You may rent a car at Bratislava Airport. Contact us at the number above.

How much does it cost to rent a car for a week in Slovakia?

Renting a car for a week in Slovakia may cost you 168$ for an economy car and can reach 238$ for an SUV.

How much does it cost to rent a long-term car for a month in Slovakia?

You will need a budget of approximately 670$ for an economy model. The prices can change during the season, the car model, and the destination.

What are the speed limits in Slovakia?

The speed limit in the city is 37mph/60kph, while open roads are 62mph/100kph, and highways are 74mph/120kph.

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